Hell is... where the Heart is...
This is The Controversial Inter-Active Rock Opera of a Website by Owner by Dutch Horror Surrealist Artist / Designer / Independent Film Maker,
Daniel.F.Staal akaThe HELLHEART / for work E-mail danielstaal@hellheart.com


Art by D.F.Staal


Acryl & Airbrush Handmade works by the Artist, Click on the Artwork to Enter the Page

The Website is Presented in the form of an Interactive Rock Opera; I Hope that you Enjoy Watching it as Much as I enjoyed Creating it .

The Yin and Yang of the HellHeart

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Mad, Mad World (Original), AN Epic Short ,Music by Junkie XL from Daniel Staal aka Hellheart on Vimeo.

Music by Junkie XL ( OST Mad Max Road Fury )
Original Cruxifction Art & animations: Daniel Staal
War scenes Zeitgeist and ,archives of the www
Mad Max (c)1979



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The Puzzle Box,  published on www.clivebarker.com

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This Flash Presentaion is the Most Interactive in Horror Entertainment.
There will be updates in a few days so... stay tuned!

Very Trippy ,I advice you caution your medication.

Black,Rude and Ironic,but True! 9/11 is SKIPPING GOD


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Daniel Staal
10 April-2015