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xXx and Religion!


They say an artist must suffer pain to deliver great work.
I suffer from mental pain unless I let go on screen or canvas, but I enjoy the work while doing it.
It's like surviving in a horror movie, the fear and thrills, but life in general is a black comedy with horrifying moments,
and in the end of that movie you will die.
We don't know if death is truly the end. Perhaps it's a beginning of life in another dimension.
I don't believe in the christian God of the Bible, too many rewritten words for with the purpose of controlling people.
I think it's all make believe, made up by people like me or you.

MotherF*cker * Faith No More * From the Album: Sol Invictus (2015) with Lyrics (Contains Nudity) from Daniel Staal aka Hellheart on Vimeo.


Catholics are the worst, worshiping idols of gold for God.
(if there is a God, I don't think he's materialistic)
They are pedophiles, anti-abortionists, and anti-gay, yet call their victims sinners.
The secrets in the Vatican should be public. If there's an evil power, they are the ones who takes twisted actions,
and are therefore far worse than the feared Satanists, who for most part are honest about their ideals.

They are hypocrites, but aren't we all?
We all tell white lies everyday, we cheat, steal and get away with it if we are smart,
In our hearts we are all misfits, telling the reverse to our children,
Until they grow up and rebel against their hypocrite parents and their rules. It's very natural.
In the end they will take their place in society and get the same flaws as their dysfunctional parents.

Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

My conclusion is to believe in your own ideals. Not something written in any book but by experience, learning from your mistakes.
Nobody is perfect and if God created us from his own image, then well, this God isn't perfect either.
Imperfections makes men and women unique in their kind, and freewill is utter bullshit.
If you want freewill: be a an artist of any kind and be creative, breaking the rules you think are wrong in socie

Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

I use metaphors in my work, I'm telling a story in each artwork, some are for the people, some are to solve a personal dilemma,
Other escapes of stress are like playing an 3D shoot 'em up game, art is very important to me as an artist,
In the past I could write an whole essay about a single painting, but nobody seems to understand what I had to say about it,
So I stopped doing that.
But I have books to fill if somebody wants to publish it.

Daniel Franciscus Staal

Edit by Jakob Silvmark.



Art by Daniel Staal aka Hellheart

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